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i-Torch Video Pro6+


It’s here! Our latest flagship photo and video light. We have packed a lot of features in to a very compact package this time around. To start we have a massive 2800 lumens of white light to cover all of your regular lighting needs, which we give you 3 different levels to choose from. Then we added 2 levels of red to choose from for anyone trying to sneak up and get that perfect night shot. To top it off we included purple LED’s (420,380nm) to get you that Ultra Violet effect! This will make the corals glow like you have never seen before, definitely a show stopper! We have built in our push button switch to turn the light on\off, and cycle through the modes, and it includes a battery level meter so you know right away if you are getting in with a full charge or not. To complete the package we include 2 batteries (1 in the light, and one ready to go, or charging) charger, and YS mount.


i-Torch Pro6 Best Video and Focus Light 

Video Pro6+

Lumens: 2800 

Beam Angle: 110 degrees

Battery: 1 x 36250 Li-ion rechargeable

Burn Time: 60 minutes @ 100%

Switch: Push button with battery indicator

Material: Aluminum head, and body

LED: 4 x XM-L2 T6, 2 x 6 x purple (380, 420nm) 

Modes: 3 x white, 2 red, purple, and SOS

What’s Included: 2 x 32650 (5800mAh), battery charger, YS mount

MSRP: $439 USD



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